VIS[DATA]™ software enables you to easily collect compliance data regarding any visits to your facility by foreign nationals &/or non-employee visitors.  GSCs, approving directors and FSOs have real-time, intra-month access to visitor information, to look for anomalies or trends and take action as needed.

VIS[DATA]™ enables employees to notify FSOs that a guest is arriving, the planned time of arrival, who he/she will be visiting, how long they intend to stay, how long they actually stayed, and the time of departure.  VIS[DATA]™ will also let facility personnel determine if/whether the visitor will need an escort while at the facility.

Users can also use VIS[DATA]™ to notify the correct personnel to order in catering, select a conference room, request IT support, etc.  Once the visitor data is entered, it can be stored for future visits by the same visitor at a later date. Simply put, VIS[DATA]™ makes gathering and managing visitor data easy and quick.

Once gathered, this data is available for analysis by different departments within the customer’s corporation through VIS[DATA]™'s reporting functions.  For example, do visits correlate to sales?  Which departments host the most visitors?  What are the general patterns of visitors to the facility?

In other words, instead of gathering static compliance data that might only serve compliance purposes, VIS[DATA]™ provides raw data to different types of users within your company, helping drive success in other areas of the business.

At the end of each reporting period, VIS[DATA]™'s reporting capabilities make internal and external reviews and audits simple and efficient.