CLEARED[DATA]™ is a software designed to assist facility security officers in managing cleared personnel, clearances, classified programs and contracts.
This software will enable an FSO to track a given individual’s important information such as clearance level, programs with which the individual is associated &/or the contracts on which the individual is working. The software enables the capturing of additional information such as date of birth, citizenship type, etc.
Once the cleared personnel data is entered into the software, FSOs can run reports to determine, for example, when a new polygraph exam must be administered, what type of polygraph needs to be completed, as well as the type of investigation the individual has completed. This functionality can help end last minute scrambles to renew a clearance so that work on a particular program or contract is not slowed down.
In short, CLEARED[DATA]™ is a software that enables the streamlined management of the details associated with keeping clearances up to date, and eliminates the juggling of spreadsheets and Word documents in the absence of a centralized database of information.