About Us

We are a first-of-its kind, web-based software company providing customers with four distinct software modules to assist in gathering and managing FOCI-related compliance data.  

Our mission is to provide simple solutions to companies with FOCI mitigation agreements in place, in support of DCSA’s National Security efforts domestically.

Our software is coded in the US, by US citizens, and all data remains in, and is hosted in, the US.  The software is protected by US intellectual property laws.

Our Story

What started as a simple question, “How can we make FOCI compliance simpler and data collection more effective?”, grew into a broader, interactive software development project. As the ORDINATUS™ project matured, it became solidified into four distinct software modules, all serving a common goal.

The goal of ORDINATUS™ is to support its customers by making compliance data collection and reporting as streamlined as possible, while supporting DCSA in achieving its mission to protect America's national security-related assets.

Ordinatus Data, LLC is a TechFW member company.

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