COMM[DATA]™ enables data gathering of communications between your organization and others. Users can quickly and efficiently log their video teleconferences, phone calls, conference calls, &/or webinars or any other types of communications as they occur throughout the business day.  Approving directors and GSCs can directly access communications data and monitor communications security programs in real time, without having to wait until the end of a reporting period for information.

No longer will cleared personnel have to juggle spreadsheets, Word documents or other types of records to comply with security regulations. Instead, COMM[DATA]™ streamlines and facilitates compliance activities.  At the end of the month, comm logs can be submitted for approval and are automatically emailed to FSOs for approval.

COMM[DATA]™ also reduces the risk that the cleared personnel may forget to document contacts by making documentation quick and easy, as communications occur.

Once the communications data is entered into COMM[DATA]™, reports are easily generated for reviews and audits.  FSOs will find data management and reporting to be simple and streamlined with COMM[DATA]™, saving time and money.